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Champion Tracksuits – The Symbol Of Comfort  For Kids

The Feinbloom Brothers launched Champion company in 1919, but it was known as Knickerbocker Knitting Company. However, the name changed to Champion Knitting Mills Inc. in the 1930s, and their clothing was used during physical education and training exercises at U.S. Military Academy. However, the company was acquired in 1989 by Sara Lee Corporation. Over the years, Champion has produced uniforms for NBA and NFA teams and Olympic basketball teams.

Parents often find it hard to find tracksuits for their little munchkins, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Champion has played an integral role in creating clothing that aligns with kids’ needs. For this reason, Champion tracksuits are available at Tracksuits Store for kids who prefer quality and comfortable elegance.

We have always thrived on providing 100% customer satisfaction at Tracksuits Store, which is why we have selected Champion for our store. The tracksuits are curated with comfort in mind because kids love to run and play, and these tracksuits will never restrict their movement.

The Best Articles For Kids

It doesn’t matter if you have a girl or a boy; Champion tracksuits are unisex and look amazing on either gender. With an extensive range, it’s often frustrating to choose one, which is why we have rounded up the three best options.

Champion Tracksuit Classic – Yellow

At Tracksuits Store, we believe that kids bring sunshine into our lives, and this yellow is such an amazing color to resonate with how you feel about your little ones. The tracksuit is available for kids aged from four to twelve. The hoodie has a blue Champion logo on the front, and your kids can keep their hands warm or keep their cookies in the kangaroo pocket.

Champion Two Piece Classic Tracksuit – Red

Nothing is brighter and catchier than red, and this red tracksuit is a great choice for kids who love sharp colors. The black logo on the front adds an element of elegance, while the pullover hood makes it cozy and warm for the kids. In addition, the hoodie is designed with ribbed hem and cuffs, so the kids don’t have to worry about cold air.

Champion Tracksuit Heritage – Grey & Black

If you have been looking for something casual, this heritage tracksuit by Champion is a befitting choice. The tracksuit is designed with grey and black, promising the most elegant and sophisticated contrast. The grey hoodie is curated with the brand’s logo and military background for a unique touch, while the black pants are the comfiest you will ever come across!


At Tracksuits Store, we believe in delivering consistent quality without shifting our focus from style. That being said, we love the following features in these kids’ tracksuits;

Versatile Designs

The tracksuits are designed for every kid out there, irrespective of gender. In addition, the tracksuits are suitable for athletic as well as loungewear purposes. That’s because stretchable materials have been used to make these tracksuits, so your kids and their passion won’t be limited.

Multiple Fitting Options

We understand that every kid is different, and so are their bodies. For this reason, Champion tracksuits are available in standard and slim-fit options. In addition, the tracksuits are true to their sizes, promising zero fitting issues for your little ones.

Premium Fabrics

The tracksuits are made from premium fabrics, including 100% cotton, polyester, and spandex. These fabrics make sure that the tracksuits are breathable yet warm. Also, moving in these tracksuits will be convenient because your kid’s playtime shouldn’t be interrupted, right?


On a concluding note, Champion has a good range of tracksuits for kids, all of which are the epitome of durability, style, and comfort. In simpler words, your kids will love these tracksuits, so why not buy them right now and surprise them?